Discovering a cheating spouse is heartbreaking. But to some, it’s worse when their partner commits adultery without them knowing. If you suspect your significant other is committing adultery, there are ways for you to find out the truth. One of the most popular ways to discover an unfaithful spouse is to hire an infidelity detective.

Private investigators have great advice in regard to catching a cheater. If you would rather not be left in the dark toward your spouse’s possible infidelity, these are three affair signals you’ve probably overlooked.

  1. Your Partner is Distant and You Two Have Little Communication

You notice you and your spouse don’t talk as openly as you did. You notice they avoid conversation as much as possible. Maybe you’re in disbelief and are confused about their state of behavior. Maybe you brush it off, thinking they’re tired or are focused on work.

Your spouse’s distance is one of the most obvious signs they’re having an affair.

Don’t ignore this sign — take action and find out what’s causing this behavior.

  1. They’re Never Home

This is another common sign. You notice your partner is never home, to the point where their absence is alarming.

You don’t want to be nosey, but you feel you deserve the right to know why they aren’t home. If they’re not honest with you, or if you suspect they’re not being honest, call in a professional.

  1. Your Gut Instinct Tells You They Are Cheating

The “gut instinct” advice is cliché, but it’s true.

In reality, your gut instinct could be the biggest key when identifying your unfaithful spouse. A cheater is usually slick about hiding their infidelity and covering up their tracks.

Your gut instinct is usually right. If you start to get that hunch, call an infidelity detective. If they’re not making the signs obvious, a private investigator can fish out the details they’re hiding.

What You Can Do Before Calling an Infidelity Detective

There are many things you can do before a professional is called; if anything, your information could help them catch their cheating behavior easier.

Keep tabs of any odd behavior. Write in your phone and notebook of any unusual absences, lack of communication, and lack of interest in your personal life.

Try and keep the communication open. If they have any excuses to coming home late or being on their phone all the time, write them down.

Surprisingly, there’s some spy gear you can use. But there are limitations, such as hacking into computers or phone. If you don’t collect any suspicious information and are still weary of your spouse, call a professional.

Knowing your partner is having an affair is extremely difficult to absorb. But knowing the truth is more gratifying than you think. A great infidelity detective can uncover the details your spouse is hiding. Whether your divorce ends up in court or you handle matters personally, you have physical evidence supporting your previous suspicion.