Background Investigations

background investigations

Working with someone, hiring them to work for your business or partnering with someone in a serious financial endeavor are all areas where it is important to know who you are going to be trusting for this situation. Hiring a private investigator in Indiana, can help you be informed and prepared for whatever may becoming. It also sets the right tone for the relationship, as it forces honesty from the other individual.

A Background investigation is valuable in uncovering various tidbits of information related to where a person has been and their actions that weren’t honorable or valuable in the past. For instance, if they have filed for bankruptcy for a less than legitimate reason, if they have filed false lawsuits against someone in the past or if they have been in jail, the red flags can begin waving.

What Type of Background Investigation Can a Private Investigator in Indiana, Help You With?

There are numerous types of background investigations. Each requires its own level of experience and finesse from the Private investigator in Indiana, to make sure the results are found honestly. They will also require sufficient backup information to be sure they are accurate. Those types include:

Criminal records: Many jobs require a person to submit to a check for potential criminal activity. Having a criminal record says something very negative about people in a lot of situations.

Personal References: An experienced investigator can uncover a lot of misleading information through seemingly innocent conversation with friends and neighbors. That can be valuable to the situation at hand.

Litigation Background: An individual who has a history of filing a worker’s compensation or discrimination lawsuits is probably going to bring a challenge to your business. Knowing this person has this history can help protect the business from a situation arising involving this individual.

Education Verification: A Private investigator in Indiana, can look into the alleged education of an individual. If they are found to be lying, that can be a strong indication of their reliability in other areas as well.

Driving Records: In a job where company vehicles are involved, particularly bigger vehicles or construction machinery, it is important to know the person can handle the vehicle without incident. Lives depend on it.

Military Records: It tells a lot about an individual if they lie about military service. This can set a precedent you won’t want to see or follow.

Identity Verification: Today’s world is a scary place, and there are multiple stories of people who have assumed an identity that is not their own in order to take over the life of another. It is wise to make sure the person you are hiring or committing to work with is the person they say they are.

The background investigation can be truly valuable for prospective business partnerships or trust in a new employee. We offer this information as a respected private investigator firm in Indiana, and we offer important services like surveillance and investigative work for child custody cases as well. However, what we can not do is help you if you don’t get in touch with us when you need us.