Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations


As a parent, you understand how important your children’s welfare is. After all, you do all you can day in and day out to make sure that they are getting the care and attention that they need to flourish.

Unfortunately, for many single parents, they find themselves in a tricky predicament where by their former spouse neglects to pay the child support that they owe to their kids.

Not only are these ‘deadbeat’ individuals breaking the law but they are potentially compromising the well being of your kids.

Bond Investigations in Indiana have extensive experience in discovering the whereabouts and place of employment of separated parents who refuse to pay their child support payments. Our private investigators in Indiana are immensely skilled at uncovering hidden assets registered by an absentee parent.

Expedite the Process

When it comes to resolving a child support issue the case needs to be in the hands of a consummate professional. Unfortunately, our justice system is inadequate in dealing with deadbeat cases in a time-efficient manner. The structure of the courts makes for a slow and arduous process that leaves you feeling exhausted. When combined with an overwhelmed and understaffed police department, locating the deadbeat parent can take a very long time and a very large amount of energy.

This is where Bond Investigations can assist you. Our detectives will undertake to work from day one to track down the individual who owes you and your children payments. Our licensed investigators have vast experience in locating and uncovering the assets of absentee parents who refuse to support their kids. We can speed up the locating process immensely which means that you will get the money to support your children as fast as possible.

We employ a variety of tactics to get you the results that you want. Our investigators are highly skilled in the art of observation, as well as using tactics to track down individuals wherever they may be. We also will investigate the financial situation of the absentee parent – income, as well as assets registered in possession. Such evidence would be powerful in building a case against the individual who has neglected their obligation to look after their kids.

Hire the Best Child Custody Team in the Business

At Bond Investigations, we pride ourselves on having the best operatives in the business. As with any of our services, we can guarantee you

  • The highest levels of discretion & confidentiality
  • Exhaustive investigations that leave no stone unturned
  • Competitive pricing that adapts to your budget and requirements
  • Fully licensed Industry-leading investigators to handle your case
  • Detailed case reports containing all the findings of your investigation

Whatever your needs for tracking down a deadbeat parent or uncovering their assets we guarantee you confidentiality, reliability, and results. Let’s get to the bottom of your case together – Call us on (317)-855-8100 and book a FREE consultation with one of our child custody experts today.

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