Criminal Defense Investigations


criminal defenseAre you facing criminal charges and need the help of a private investigator? For the past two decades, Bond investigations in Indiana have handled hundreds of criminal cases, and have earned a reputation for our confidential, professional and results-driven service. We fight tirelessly for your right to know the truth.

Whatever charges you have been accused of, we guarantee to uncover the facts and ensure that you receive the fairest trial possible. Our investigators will undertake an exhaustive criminal defense investigation in and obtain the evidence that has been overlooked. Our services have consistently secured more favorable outcomes for our clients in the state of Indiana.

An investment worth its weight in gold

Being accused of a crime can be a very stressful experience. You may be in shock; you may have a huge amount of questions swirling around in your head. Let us put your concerns to rest and bring forth the most convincing facts and evidence surrounding your case.

While hiring a good lawyer is a crucial part of ensuring the best outcome, it’s only half of the battle. Even the world’s most skilled lawyer can only fight your case based on the evidence that is available to them.  Recruiting the skills of a professional private investigator will make sure that your lawyer has more evidence to work with, more facts to build a convincing case against the accusations levied against you.

Not only do we offer the premier investigative services in Indiana but we also have extensive experience working with criminal defense attorneys. Our agency has a deep understanding of how the criminal justice system functions. We are associated with many of the top lawyers in Indiana and have received multiple commendations from the US attorney general and the US Secret service.

The detectives at Bond Investigation in Indiana gather the facts and document key evidence that is relevant to your case. We supply your legal team with the tools that they need to effectively dismantle the prosecutor’s case and win the results you deserve.

A criminal defense investigation team that you can rely on

The strong reputation of our agency is founded on the prowess and talent of our private investigators. Our detectives are multi-skilled and have vast experience in every aspect of a criminal investigation. You simply won’t find a dedicated team that is made up of industry-leading investigators with the same hunger to uncover the evidence anywhere else.

As part of your case investigation you can expect:

  • Free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case and how we can assist you.
  • Multi-pronged investigative services – from covert surveillance to interviews we will leave no stone unturned in obtaining the facts you need.
  • Competitive pricing that adapts to your budget and requirements
  • Detailed case reports containing all the findings of your investigation
  • The highest level of discretion and professionalism in the industry

Read about how Bond Investigations was able to assist George by discovering key evidence and witness that changed the course of his trial for the better. Another client Dr. Steven recruited our services when he was falsely accused of sexual assault; our detectives uncovered the truth and rightfully gave Dr. Steven his life and dignity back.

Criminal defense services that make a difference

We understand that being accused of a crime can be a confusing and stressful experience.  We also understand that you have a right to be defended. At Bond Investigations, we take pride in bringing you both peace of mind and the fairest trial possible. Whatever you have been charged with from assault to theft to murder you’ve taken the first step towards getting the best outcome possible by visiting our website. Let’s take the next step together – book a free consultation with one of our experts today and let’s get started building a convincing case to uncover the truth and liberate you.

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