Elder Abuse Investigations

Elder Abuse Investigations Indiana

Sadly, today’s society sees a lot of situations where an older parent or relative is living with a younger individual who abuses them: this can be physical, verbal or financially. Individuals in the golden years should be comfortable and feel safe. If you think this is an issue plaguing an older loved one in your life, the Indiana private investigators at Bond Investigations can help you look into the situation and gather evidence that can be used to protect the victim in such a sad situation.

It is important to understand that this elder abuse typically occurs in a situation that involves other family members. That means gathering proof can be difficult for a relative and challenging that individual in power without evidence can have serious negative consequences.

Cases involving elder abuse can be ignored or misinterpreted – largely due to the difficulty in determining whether bruises are a natural skin discoloration due to aging, related to an accident that genuinely could not be avoided or if the bruises were caused by another person intentionally. Our experienced staff has successfully closed numerous cases that made the correct determination and led to safety for the elderly individual. Look at our success stories for information from our satisfied customers.

Ask About Current Licensing

Indiana private investigators are required to be licensed to investigate. Therefore, it is important to ask us about our current paperwork to be investigators in the state of Illinois. Our efforts to provide experience and the evidence you need won’t do much good if we were not legally working in the state. We are proud to show all current licenses and business information upon request. We understand the importance of following the rules to get admissible evidence. We can offer you that assurance. That way, we can also provide the video or photographic evidence you may need to prove your case.

Trust Experienced Indiana private investigators to Help Protect Loved Ones

Another area that has limited information available and even fewer experienced Indiana private investigators involves investigation of an elder death. The research into these topics and the correlating investigation is limited. However, our staff can help with these extremely controversial and painful situations. We offer empathy and respect for all clients during a difficult time like this. We also understand that all clients deserve to keep their dignity, and we treat each individual and case accordingly.

Background investigations on the individual allegedly abusing an older person can usually dig up some very useful information. Likewise, we can look into the background and credibility of witnesses, making sure that they will remain honest at all times, or it can help discredit those witnesses should it become necessary.

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