Infidelity Investigations

infidelity investigatorSomething is not quite right. You’ve noticed some strange behavior of late and the answers just don’t seem to add up. While nobody wants to imagine that their significant other might be cheating on them sometimes the signs are just impossible to ignore.

What should you do? Confront your spouse about it? Pretend that your mind is simply playing tricks on you? In such uncomfortable situations, it’s advisable to seek professional advice. That’s’ why we are here to help. We will listen to your concerns and devise the best course of action to get you the answers that you need. We know the pain of feeling like you are in the dark; we are committed to fighting for your right to know the truth.

Peace Of Mind When You Need It Most

Bond Investigations is the premier private investigation agency in Indiana. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver swift, confidential and reliable results to clients who need the truth. For over two decades we have handled hundreds of infidelity investigations with the utmost integrity and discretion so that our clients can make better and more informed decisions about their relationship.

Our investigators are multi-skilled and fully-licensed to handle your case, we care about your concerns. Our team of private investigators have impeccable track records in their respective fields and can provide a range of skills and aptitudes that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in any other agency. Many of our investigators are trained in advanced covert surveillance tactics giving us the ability to obtain all the evidence you need without ever appearing on the radar. In addition to having some of the private investigators in the business, we also have an impressive range of cutting edge technology to allow us to infiltrate and obtain the truth. We are highly adept at

  • Covert Surveillance (mechanical & human)
  • Monitoring of communications
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Identification of potential affair partners
  • Obtaining multiple forms of evidence to build a convincing case

To get an insight into a recent successful infidelity investigation undertaken by us read about Veronica’s story here.

Discrete & Confidential Infidelity Investigations

Having worked with countless numbers of clients we understand how hard it can be to approach a private investigator when you are faced with the possibility of an unfaithful spouse. Bond Investigations upholds a strict policy of non-disclosure to protect the identities and privacy of individuals. We endeavor to provide the highest levels of integrity and dignity to each and every one of our valued clients, by handling every ounce of information with the utmost confidentiality. All information that we obtain is kept safe behind the most up to the minute security systems and protocols to ensure your peace of mind.

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If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, then you have come to the right agency. Let us use our experience, skills, and knowledge to uncover the truth about what is really going on.

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