Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigation

Bond Investigations takes pride in all of the work, but one area where we have an extensive history of success is Insurance Investigation. This type of work is handled by our very experienced investigators and allows for the client that hired us to make the most informed decisions regarding the claim we investigate for them.

An insurance claims investigator in Indiana can be very helpful in dealing with a claim where information is missing or the claimant is thought to be providing misleading information. Insurance adjusters, claims agencies and defense attorneys all benefit from the hard work we put into an investigation. Our services range from casualty surveillance to activities checks and background checks. We offer experienced investigators and only take on a claim that we feel we can do a good job providing information for to the client.

The Right Insurance Claims Investigator Is The One With The Answers

As the Insurance claims investigator that you choose, an investigator from Bond Investigations in Indiana provides ethical work and makes sure that even the individual under investigation retains respect and dignity. We know how important that is to each human being, and we make that a top priority in every case we handle.

Consider asking for our assistance in the following claims situations, and you’ll be more than happy with the quality investigative work that we do:

  • Disability
  • Public Liability
  • Subrogation
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Bodily Injury
  • Litigation Support

Our experienced insurance claims investigator understands that the evidence you need is honest, accurate and sufficient to allow for the best decision in the claim. We offer the evidence that you need from experienced insurance claims investigators you can trust to handle the case responsibly and ethically.

Our website provides access to success stories from previous satisfied clients and enough preliminary information to help you decide if we are the ones you want to hire to handle your insurance investigations. Our staff has over two decades of combined investigative experience, which is beneficial to every client that hires us to handle their case. That experience includes seeing what evidence has worked in the past for a court case or to close an insurance claim once and for all. Our investigators know when they have gathered sufficient evidence and when they need to keep digging.

You are the only one who has an idea of the case in front of you, the potential time and effort you will have to put in to look into this case on your own and the number of other cases you would have to neglect by doing so. Also, it is always important to factor in the time it will take a professional to do the job for you and the level of information they will obtain versus what you can find for the company. It is always helpful to run this type of case by a private investigator to see what they can do. Today would be an ideal time to discuss this with our investigators; do so by calling (317) 855-8100.