Surveillance Investigations


surveillance in IndianaIn many investigations, skillful and covert surveillance plays an indispensable role in uncovering the truth.  Cases involving fraud, infidelity, vandalism, abuse, and theft usually require expert surveillance of subjects. By giving us the power to observe individuals from a distance and take account of their actions and behaviors, surveillance has the power to provide irrefutable evidence, no matter what the subject claims.

During a surveillance operation, we gather sensitive information and admissible evidence that can be used to prosecute a suspect, confirm your suspicions or lay your concerns to rest.

Our Surveillance Operations

During an investigation, you need peace of mind that your detective is a master of his trade. Our private investigators in Indiana have a wealth of surveillance experience and are trained in special covert surveillance to ensure that they can gather the facts without ever going above the radar.

Our private investigators are well trained and experienced in how to infiltrate and carry out surveillance investigations in Indiana for just about every cause under the sun. Some of the cases we deal with are

Bond Investigations have built a reputation for conducting discreet and comprehensive surveillance operations. For over two decades individual and organizations have trusted us to bring to light the facts and evidence that they need.

A Bond surveillance operation will supply you with:

  • High-quality video & photographic evidence of the subject’s activities
  • A detailed and understandable report of the entire case
  • Expert presentations of evidence if required for legal proceedings
  • Evidence that is obtained in strict accordance with the law

Your Concerns Matters to Us

What sets Bond Investigations apart is that we really care about our clients. That’s why we adapt our surveillance investigations to suit your specific requirements. We understand that every case will present its own unique challenges and level of complexity. The nature of your case will dictate the types of surveillance employed. Whether it is a covert or overt operation or whether it requires the use of human or mechanical surveillance, what matters to us is that we find the optimal solution that will bring you the best results. We understand the power that lies in truth, and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to fighting for your right to have it.

Hire the Best Surveillance Team in the Business

At Bond Investigations, we pride ourselves on having the best operatives in the business. As with any of our services, we can guarantee you

  • The highest levels of discretion & confidentiality
  • Exhaustive investigations that leave no stone unturned
  • Competitive pricing that adapts to your budget and requirements
  • Fully licensed Industry-leading investigators to handle your case
  • Detailed case reports containing all the findings of your investigation

Whatever your concerns or suspicions we guarantee you confidentiality, reliability, and results. Let’s get to the bottom of your case together – Call us on (317) 855-8100 and book a FREE consultation with one of our experts today.

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