It’s likely your perception of detectives for hire is completely wrong. The life of a private investigator isn’t as exciting as the movies — there’s a lot of work that goes into being a detective.

A private investigator is a professional who is experienced in unveiling the truth to serve justice. While it can be a rewarding job, there’s a lot of false information out there. These are the three most common myths about private investigators.

  1. Detectives for Hire Don’t Live an Action-Packed Life

While a private investigator is actively searching out and collecting information on subjects, they’re not exactly getting out martial arts skills and weapons for fights. Even following subjects isn’t as exciting — a lot of focus goes into surveillance, which is tiresome. When private investigators have to follow their subjects, they can choose a calmer and more effective approach such as installing a tracking device in the subject’s car.

A private investigator spends the majority of their time collecting information and writing reports to have physical evidence to use in court.

  1. Private Detectives Don’t Wear Trench Coats or Any Other Questionable Clothing

A private investigator doesn’t desire to stand out; rather they want to blend in. So they don’t dress in an abnormal or distinguishable way, such as wearing a long trench coat.

More often, private investigators dress professionally. This is vital when they’re working directly with clients. But their attire depends on the situation; if the investigator is at a bar or a club, they will dress casually. They will dress a little nicer if they have to watch their subjects at a fancy restaurant. But some private detectives have admitted to wearing disguises when they’re watching someone in public.

  1. Detectives for Hire Have Difficulty Following Their Subjects

This duty is required in some cases, but private investigators actually try and avoid it. Why? It’s actually pretty difficult to follow someone.

Private investigators have to stand back a considerable distance to avoid being noticed by the subject. As you can guess, following someone at a far distance is really tedious. Difficulty can arise when the investigator has to follow their subject by car.  Traffic lights, slow drivers, and other road obstacles can create trouble.

To increase the convenience of following a target, there are usually multiple investigators following the subject. Detectives for hire also use other surveillance measures such as cameras and tracking devices.

Television and film depicts private investigators living exciting lives, cracking crimes and getting into intense situations. A private investigator isn’t in the business for adventure — they perform their job to serve justice.

Most people hire a private investigator to support them during a tough life event and to know the truth. A private investigator can help with anything from elderly abuse to background investigation. If you believe you need a detective for hire, these are the ones who are willing to help you when no one else will.